Finishing School for Teachers

ACT has taken the initiative to address a longstanding need of empowering teachers in rural Karnataka. It has successfully designed and implemented a Finishing School for Teachers a 3 month unique programme targeted to enhance creativity, communication and pedagogical skills among teacher such that they are classroom ready. This initiative is funded by Supraja Foundation.  Supraja Foundation finds value in the training of teachers, teacher aspirants and teacher leaders from rural parts of Karnataka. With the grant received; ACT Tacle centre at Tumkur, and ACT Sharada Centre at Vijayapura have been launched and established in the current year apart from the Bengaluru centre. More centers at Bailhongal, Laxmeshwar, Mangaluru, Tumkur, and Gulbarga would be launched in the coming year.  The grant is enabled for a period of 5 years. The initiative aims to train 5000 teachers over a period of 5 years.


The three month programme complements the B.Ed programme and enriches the skill, knowledge and attitude of the teacher trainees. The modules for study  are Creativity, Mentoring, Life-Skills, Innovation in Education, Classroom management and Creative Teaching of Science, Mathematics, Social Science and English.  The teaching methodology focuses on an interactive and learner centric approach. The learning is facilitated through team teaching, group discussions, research based presentations and other innovative techniques. Assessment and evaluation is a continuous process through reflective essay, case study analysis, peer interactions, seminar and report presentations.

The course length same across the four teacher training centers namely ACT Bangalore, ACT Tacle Tumkur, ACT Sharada, Vijayapur and ACT KMS Bailhongal includes in its curriculum 80 hours of assessed teaching practice, trainees are expected to spend 80 hours in enhancing their pedagogical skills with vigorous training in ‘English language improvement programme’ throughout the course. In addition, the focus is on creative thinking and teaching, activity, concept, experiential and technology based learning.  The programme is designed to enhance knowledge, skills and attitude of teacher trainees. The course is graded and is facilitated by qualified experience faculty.

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About Supraja Foundation Ltd :

Supraja Foundation Ltd is a not for profit registered organisation operating from Hongkong.  The organisation funds projects related to its key priority areas such as .

  1. Rural health
  2. Rural education
  3. Livelihood generation
  4. Women empowerment

It is working with several likeminded organizations in the states of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Puducherry, Maharashtra and Karnataka.  A few of the partner organizations are

  1. Bharati Agro Industries Foundation
  2. JSW Foundation
  3. Bhoruka Charitable Trust

To name a few projects funded by Supraja ,

  1. Mitigation of malnutrition – Bellary District, Karnataka
  2. Balwadi Programmes – Kanyakumari
  3. Vocational Education Programmes – Pondicherry


ACT Bangalore Center : 

Next Batch:90 days Teacher Training programme- Finishing school for Teachers Type 1-  Starting in the month of July 2018, contact office for more details.

Last  Batch: Finishing school for Teachers Type II : – 21 days Leadership  programme-  Started in the month of April 2018 and completed in the month of May 2018.



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Valedictory Function of Type II & III Batch 2017






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