J.S.S.Private School, Dubai


JSS Private School took birth in Dubai in the month of April 2011 with a noble vision of imparting knowledge to the individuals that shape the future. Today it stands with its head held high as a beacon that molds and shapes socially committed citizens of the future world. The school continues its untiring efforts till date to provide stimulating world class education for life.  It began toddling with 180 to 240 students, but now we have over 2000 students which show the trust of all the students and stakeholders towards the institution. The school believes that every individual is unique and is born with innate talents. We constantly strive towards unlocking the distinctive talents of each child thus leading to the holistic development of an individual. We believe in building a love for learning and developing long-lasting inquisitiveness among students in a stress-free and conducive environment that will lead them to seek learn and excel in life!


To Provide Stimulating World Class Education for Life.


To impart complete education creating confident world citizens with a keen sense of commitment, social awareness and responsibility.

We believe that:

  • Each individual has intrinsic value
  • People are responsible for the choices they make
  • Diversity enriches us
  • Every person has a right to learn in a safe environment free of prejudice
  • Service to others strengthen us
  • Every person has a responsibility to contribute to peace and harmony in the world
  • Every person has a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment of our planet


Chitra Sharma


Visit School website  http://jsspsdubai.com/