Mahn Anjanadri School, Tavarekere


Founded by Shri Anjanadri Charitable trust

Established in 2015

School Strength is over 800 Students

Management :

Chairman : Mr.S T Kuberaswamy –

Secretary : Mr.Mahadev Dumbal

Trustee: Mr. S.T Ramachandra


MAHN ANJANADRI VIDYA KENDRA is set up by Shri Anjanadri Charitable trust, 2015. The trustees are well-known for their simplicity, balanced and focussed vision for the school.

The trust is committed to establishing and running quality education institutions that groom responsible, intellectually-sound and culturally-rich individuals. The dedicated members of the Trust believe in the value of education and see it as the most empowering tool that an individual can acquire in his or her lifetime.

The Trust also believes that apart from providing opportunities for progress, education is also an essential means of positive social change. The Trust offers access to quality education that enables each child to achieve academic and artistic excellence in an environment that is stimulating, challenging and grounded in values.


Ms.Rekha Kumbar (Principal)

Visit School website    :    http://mavidyakendra.org/index.php