Nagarjuna School, Bangalore


  • Founded By Mrs. Sridevi Ranga Raju
  • Established in 1995
  • School Strength: 1200 Students


Founder : Mrs. Sridevi Ranga Raju
Chairman & Secretary: J.V. Ranga Raju

Director : Dr. K.S.Deshikachar,

Nagarjuna Education Society was established in the year 1995 by Sri J V Ranga Raju, who is an industrialist and a philanthropist. It has been possible over the years to foster the founders’ mission to provide students with quality education and to augment the Human Resources capital through Education and Training. Founder’s belief in the principles of Total Quality with intellectual depth and training that is necessary to pursue productive careers, has prompted him to start various Educational Institutions.


School Vision:

“Establishing everlasting peace is the ultimate aim of education”. “Dreams pass into the reality of action. From actions, stems the dream again, this interdependence produces the highest form of living”. Socially committed and responsible citizens are the true asset of a country. The role of a school is to instill in the minds of the .students, self – respect, respect for others, devotion to mother land and concern for Mother Earth; induce in them the energy to act for a better world and inspire them to work with enthusiasm to realize that dream. To achieve this we strive to provide a school culture that is a supportive and caring partnership which incorporates a love of learning and laughter, and builds deep knowledge and understandings. We acknowledge and support diversity within our community and focus on the values of respect, responsibility and integrity.

J.V. Ranga Raju
Chairman & Secretary of Nagarjuna Education Society,
Director of Nagarjuna Construction Company,

Visit School website     http://www.nagarjunaeducation.com/vidyaniketan/index.html