ONLINE – NEP Readiness Training for Pre School Teachers


ACT proposes 3 weeks of online NEP Readiness Training for in-service teachers at the Pre School level. The programme aims to improve professional knowledge, Professional Skills, and value orientation.

Course Highlights 

  • Understanding self and Learners
  • NEP Readiness Pedagogy
  • Behavior and Classroom Management
  • Competency based Assessments


The programme is visualized to empower and motivate teacher leaders to be creative teacher leaders; confident in their abilities to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to be effective in their classrooms, impact the lives of the learners and colleagues under their care and contribute to social change and be change agents in their communities.

Our one goal is to help you develop as a unique individual—to be an educated person, intellectually, emotionally, socially, ethically, and spiritually. Your development and learning as an individual occur, in part, when you engage in relationships with others and in activities that optimally challenge you. To enhance your growth and learning, become actively involved and engage with your fellow trainees, faculty, staff, and others in dialogue and activities that both challenge and support your growth.

Your journey of individual development does not occur in isolation; it takes place within a dynamic learning community. We encourage you to explore and develop your creative instincts, take risks, accept failure as a step in learning and reflect on your progress.


The programme aims to

  • Enhance professional knowledge, professional skills, and value disposition among Early childhood Educators.
  • Empower Early years teachers in self-development and professional skills.
  • Ensure Pre-Primary teachers understand the various aspects of Early Childhood Care and Education.
  • Effective partnership with parents and community for the development of a child.


The Induction Training Programme for Early Childhood Education is a 03-week course that involves instructor-led teaching sessions.

Early Childhood Care and Education 38 Hours
Number of Weeks 4 Weeks (19 days) Monday – Friday
Start date of the Programme   10th April 2023, Monday
End date of the Programme 29th April 2023, Friday
Duration of the Online Session 02 hours
Timing 03:00 pm – 05:00 pm IST

Certification will be provided to the successful candidate

The fee is proposed at a nominal cost of Rs 2500 /- Per participant( Inclusive of all Taxes).

Contact  +91 7892417316 for more information.

NEP Readiness Training for Teachers