Programs at ACT

ACT conducts workshops for students and teachers for schools, colleges and corporate. The modules are designed to suit every segment of the organisation.


Finishing School for Teachers 


  • It is a three month intensive program which provides a finishing touch to the B.Ed graduates. It makes the transition to the classroom teaching easier and more fruitful. This intensive prepares the prospective teachers with skills, attitudes and knowledge to be creative teachers. It does not replicate the B.Ed program but complements and reinforces the classroom teaching and learning processes techniques and pedagogy. 100% placement is assured for all successful candidates.

Certificate Course in Creative Teaching (CCCT)

  • It is an in – service program for working professionals. It is an in-depth 20 week program organized over the weekends. It is aimed at the life long learners with a zest of for learning and self development. The program provides an opportunity for the teachers, aspiring teachers to update their knowledge and skills and be proactive in managing change in the education sector. The program is also recognized as a Platform for nurturing teachers’ leaders.

Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Teaching (PGDCT)

  • It is an intensive challenging and creative year long program designed for graduates with a passion to be creative and empowered teachers. The course is uniquely planned with emphasis on content enrichment, pedagogy and school based practicum to provide the stimulated and real experience of being teachers. The program does not replicate the B.Ed curriculum but supplements it and is based more on the modern educational trends and 21st century skills. It also provides a blend of skills, ethics and knowledge needed to be passionate, child centric and ethical teachers.

Reach out success – A life skills program for students.

  • Today’s child is tomorrow’s hope and the builder of a successful society and nation. The program is aimed at the students in grades 5 – 12. It is a year long program customized to the needs of the school with a focus on study skills, soft skills, thinking skills, and English Language Development. The program is interlined with the school curriculum to provide for development of the talent potentialities of the learners with an aim at developing the heart of Buddha and the brains of Einstein.


  • It is an annual summit organized by ACT, We have already organized two in association with Shruth and Smith foundation and Edu Ahead, Bangalore. This is an event in which some of the world’s best educationists, academic leaders, teachers and creative thinkers meet to explore new methods and techniques to enhance their academic abilities in academic leadership. Adhyapan results in kindling every individual’s spirit of curiosity and the desire to explore the power of imagination in teaching.

Platform – A forum of Principals

  • Leadership is a challenge and we believe that a school is a learning organization and the leaders have to be life long learners. The Principals, Vice Principals of our associate schools get together in a three day residential program for sharing and celebrating their success and learning from each other. It is a detour from the daily fire fighting to visioning and building bridges with other institutions.

English Language Improvement Program (ELIP)

  • A great vacuum is observed in the corporate world and in the teaching fraternity about the quality of spoken English. ACT has developed a special program focusing on Free Speech, Accent training and Conversational English based on the problems identified in Indian Speakers. Our program is customized and duly tested and validated by several organizations and educational institutions.