Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT)

a unique institution for teacher training and educational consultancy in India. It was set up in 2005. It has a rich resource of academicians and academic administrators. It is a pioneering body that has consistently been instrumental in providing pre-service and in-service training to teachers at all levels and also in providing institution-building support from visioning of institutions to academically and administratively hand-holding them. It has also undertaken a quality audit of schools and organizations. It has organized several leadership training programmes for school leaders of CBSE and ICSE schools. It has been instrumental in curriculum development, and proposing and implementing the ground-breaking Creative Teaching Model- a simple and holistic tool for creative teaching, The vision is to create leaders in the form of creative teachers, empowered and confident students who would be change agents and would make a singular contribution in the state of Karnataka and India. It has been responsible for promoting a large number of 100 schools in India and abroad.

ACT Logo

The water represents an ocean of infinite knowledge. A teacher is like a swan, who takes a dip in this ocean of infinite knowledge and rises up. Swan represents purity, freedom and discretion.

A teacher must possess all these qualities and still pursue his/her ascent towards the ultimate source of knowledge represented by Sun.