The core success of any institution lies in its commitment to provide opportunities for self assessment and analyze strengths and weaknesses. A 360 degree analysis envisages a critical look at processes and mechanisms related to the functioning of the institution and a very close look at the performance of teachers. This appraisal shall focus on the dictum” Catch them right “which allows us to highlight the strengths of the teachers and does not make evaluation a threatening process. It shall be used to qualify teachers and nudge them gradually in the direction of self improvement. Thus, there is every reason to build a staff development appraisal that supports the teacher and reinforces their instructional strengths and addresses their professional weaknesses without being personally damaging.  Through this open approach, apprehension is reduced, and faculty members will increase their effectiveness.

The focus of the teacher appraisal is to:

  1. determine teacher goals and vision.
  2. stimulate goal-oriented development
  3. clarify standards of performance
  4. provide planned assessment of performance
  5. provide continual self-assessment
  6. identify growth areas
  7. promote professional success
  8. provide a climate of shared responsibility for the improvement of institution and self.


The focus of the teacher evaluation will be on

  • Teacher Personality
  • Content Adequacy
  • Teaching Methodology And Assessment