Prof. Mohammad Thneibat -Deputy Prime Minister Jordan

Mr Pishtiwan Sadiq Minister of Education Kurdistan Regional Government

Dr. M.T. Govinde Gowda, Principal, Sadvidya Semi-Residential PU College

Training Programme at Sadvidya Semi-Residential PU College

We, the members of Sadvidya Educational Institutions, Principals’ and the teachers, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Academy for Creative Teaching for conducting a workshop on ‘Creative Teaching’ for us.

The workshop was very much appreciated by the Management Members and teaching staff. We certainly learnt a lot about the unique aspects of creative teaching. The presentation was excellent and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We appreciate you sharing your time, talent and expertise with us.

We once again, on behalf of the Management Members and teaching staff, thank you immensely.

Dr. M.T. Govinde Gowda
Sadvidya Semi-Residential PU College


Mrs. Sheetal D Tank, Atmiya  School, Yogidham, Rajkot.

Training at Atmiya School, Yogidham, Rajkot.


We would like to thank Mr Vivekananda, Dr. Gururaj, Veena Mam and Sheelu Mam for the well planned sessions for our School teachers and conducting the workshop very meticulously. The Workshop has been very well received by the teachers as per their feedback and are grateful to you all for the same.

It was a learning experience for me specially and also for our teachers. We also would like to get your proposal on the English Language training Module that Dr. Gururaj Sir was talking about during his visit. I would accordingly discuss with the School Principals for the same.

We hope your stay at Rajkot was pleasant. It was a pleasure knowing you and your work at ACT.

We look forward for your continuous support in the days to come.


Mrs. Sheetal D Tank,
YOGIDHAM, Kalawad Road,
RAJKOT – 360 005 (GUJARAT)