Schools need to switch over from academic excellence to overall excellence. This can be done only if we re-engineer the human resources available with the teachers. They have to be retrained to the modern aspects of multimedia technology and the current thinking in education. The classrooms must be made centre of excellence.

Academic Audit is not an enquiry but an inquiry. Inquiry appreciates the good work done. To study the entire school system, ACT has identified 7 Key Aspects and they in turn are divided into 74 Indicators. The Key Aspects and the Indicators have been given weightages so that evaluation can be done at the micro level.

The objectives of the audit are:

  • to assist Schools in identifying strengths and weaknesses in student related issues, teaching and in internal management;
  • to offer guidance on enhancing H.R. Procedures and improving the overall effectiveness of the School;
  • to act as a means to assure itself that the quality and standards of academic provision are being maintained and improved at School level;
  • in pursuing these objectives, the ultimate aim is to ensure that the standards of students’ learning experience are maintained, and wherever possible, enhanced.

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