Managements, Corporates desirous of starting schools and colleges approach and seek guidance on starting schools, colleges, universities and conglomerate of institutions. The projects are turnkey with creation of concept to providing infrastructural details to creating a branding for the institution. This involves site visits, teacher recruitment, policy making, vendor management and creating a USP. After establishing the vision and the mission of the school, the academic process and administrative policies are set up for the nascent institution. Strategic plans for the development of the vision and mission of an institution are drawn up.

Academic Empowerment

This is the next phase in which institutions collaborate with ACT to make the vision a reality and allow the academic model adopted to take roots and establish itself. The process of recruitment, training of teachers, observation and guidance of the instruction process, teacher professional development, student orientation, curriculum management, affiliations, and academic associations are established and the processes monitored such that there is a culture of total quality management in the institution. The process of visioning and academic handholding is a four year process which builds a school/college as a centre of excellence. There are at least 6-8 visits in a year to monitor the processes and make mid course corrections.

Academic Support

This module refers to a shorter term of association in which only academic support is offered to the school in terms of teacher training and setting up academic processes. There are only 4-6 visits in a year to the institution. This leads to a change in the quality parameters such as teaching methodology and student achievement.

Affiliation and Accreditation

With the battery of professional expertise at ACT, start-up institutions approach for guidance on the processes involved in seeking affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education, (C.B.S.E. New Delhi), I.C.S.E, New Delhi and the state boards.

Academic Audit

instruction, curriculum, teacher professional development, contribution to society and the management of the school. Academic audit is an activity, not a status. Academic audit provides that third party perspective which is an essential factor for examining quality. Although the audit process may be intangible as the process is as important the product such as learning and the process of instruction compared to the achievement.

At the collegiate level there is NAAC or technical and professional bodies like AICTE, NCTE and others; but at the school level apart from the affiliating bodies there is no organization that caters to this demand for monitoring processes and overall functioning of the schools. At ACT several modules and an organized effort at involving all stake holders in the audit has been made and it is an extensively sought after by organizations in India.

Teacher Observation

It is said that the quality of the school is as good as its teachers. We firmly believe this and therefore accord tremendous importance to the process of teacher appraisal in the professional development of a teacher. Institutions prefer a third party observation and a 360 degree feedback about the performance of the teacher in the class, their contribution in the team and their leadership skills and their potential for growth within the institution. The parameters are well drawn out and the appraisal is very scientific and evidence based leaving no scope for bias at any level. It is a process of ‘catch them right‘ thus making it non-threatening and participatory.

Teacher Placement

There is a universal demand for good teachers. Finding good teachers and retaining them is perhaps the biggest problem in schools today. The placement wing is has a huge data bank from which good candidate are shortlisted and recruited for different schools in India and abroad. Heads of institutions, middle level coordinators, administrative staff as well as teachers are recruited for the schools and colleges.

Research Cell

Research is the soul that provides academic stimulation for teachers, principals and students. It is an opportunity to create processes and provide a structure to intuition which is intrinsic to educational organizations. We encourage shorter research to be undertaken in schools and provide guidance and support in creating writing research papers provide support to interested schools and individuals in publishing their research.

We also undertake research in government sponsored projects and independently also identify suitable areas of research and publish papers of significance in journals, magazines and papers.

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