The ACT center was started in the month of March 2017. It is managed in association with Tumkur Academy For Creative Learning And Excellence (TACLE).

TACLE   is an organization of academicians established to support new ideas and practices to strengthen teaching, learning and innovative performance of learners and educators. It is a registered Trust and has been active since 2014. It has eminent academicians and educational administrators with several decades of experience and effective leadership. TACLE aims to bring a qualitative and quantitative change in teaching and learning environment of educational institutions. TACLE is headed by Dr.H.S.Niranjanaradhya as President and Prof. Kumaraswamy as Secretary and Sri.S.Ravishankar as Programme Co-ordinator and Mr. Yateesh Achar is the FST ACT-TACLE center head. They have organized several training workshops for teachers and parent orientations also. They have worked very closely with ACT. They are the nodal center of ACT in Tumkur.


Current Programme: 90 days Training programme- Finishing school for Teachers Type 1- has  started in the month of July 2017.


Our Team:

Mr. Yateesh Achar. ACT-TACLE Teacher Training centre head, Tumkur.

Guided by Tacle Team, Tumkur.

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