Academy for Creative Teaching invites you to attend the largest conference of Education Leaders: Adhyapan hosted by The International Education & Skill Summit (TIESS), to be held from 21st -23rd September 2022 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre-BIEC, Bengaluru. Participation is by invitation only and there will be *NO FEE* charged.

 Kindly confirm your participation through the online registration form

Registration form for Education Leaders of schools /colleges /Universities from India and Abroad:

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IDA Connect Workshops

The IDA Connect workshops provide in-depth and hands-on exploration of topics to meet individual & institutional faculty development and technology needs.

The 30+ workshops conducted in the 3 days of the event are:

  • CPD certified from the UK enabling globally approved certificates for all attendees
  • Aimed at capacity building and skill development of educators and facilitating them in enhancing the learning outcomes of their students.
  • Conducted by resource experts from India and globally
  • An ideal platform to get awareness & hands on experience about the latest developments in the teaching-learning process
  • Focussed on covering varied topics including technology, innovative & futuristic solutions, pedagogy, assessments, creative teaching, mindfulness & happiness in classrooms, and many more


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