B M Kumaraswamy Public School, Kurugod, Bellary


B M Kumarswamy Public School is a day school located in Kurugodu, Ballari district. Kurugodu is a small town located around 20 kilometers from Ballari.

B M Kumarswamy Public School is an innovative school conceptualized by joint efforts between SRI NANDI EDUCATIONAL TRUST focusing on education and Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT), by Dr. Gururaj Karajagi. ACT is a unique institution for training programs. We aspire to implement a unique methodology in our school which focuses more on learning and instruction. We cater to the learning styles of children and achieve various milestones in skill attainment by customizing the curriculum.

Salient Features
  • Quality learning infrastructure
  • Stress-free and creative learning environment
  • Encourages innovative student-centered learning techniques. Conduct orientation and counseling for parents
  • Advocates exploring the world through experiential learning.Continuous professional development of teachers through training and
  • Exchange program
  • Ensures education for excellence and social responsibility
Academic Management

In order to achieve the vision and inculcate philosophy, the school has joined hands with Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT), Bangalore, headed by Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, an eminent educationist and a global visionary. This unique institution is involved in the Academic monitoring of schools and implementing innovative teaching and learning practices. ACT has the experience and expertise to envision and develop a quality institution.

Learning for Life

The world is becoming increasingly callous and insensitive and therefore, it is important to instill in children a foundation of values and awareness of sensitive social issues and to teach them to respond to these issues in a proactive way, Children need to be tutored to look beyond themselves and experience the joy of working for the welfare of other human beings. B M Kumarswamy Public School is a new age educational institute founded on old-world values. We offer differentiated education aimed at developing children capable of achieving individual success for them while creating a glorious and equitable future, where individual and life are valued and respected. We consider the teaching-learning process to be a shared vision of discovery, empowerment and freedom, a process that has no boundaries and no limitations.

Our teachers
  • Professional, focused and committed to academic excellence
  • Motivated to love and nourish the child’s potentiality
  • Cheerful, positive, approachable and affectionate.
  • Role models to perpetuate Indian values
  • Culturally informed and sensitive
  • Mentor and nurture learners
  • Adapt their teaching style to the child’s learning
  • Respect students needs and curiosity style
  • Willing learners who welcome and accept change.

Admissions Open from Nursery to Grade 8, Contact : 8105781547

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