Day 2
Session 1: Challenge that private schools had during pandemic and way forward
3rd September 2021, Friday
Duration: 4:00pm-5:30pm


The Focus: The United Nations recently reported that 166 countries closed schools to limit the spread of the coronavirus. One and a half billion children and young people are affected, representing 87 percent of the enrolled population. Schools are closed and this puts additional stress on education systems in developing countries, many of which are struggling to provide quality education for all. Many school systems are turning to technology as an alternative to in-school instruction. Classes have gone online, while many educators talk of “reimagining” education in ways that will shift it from a classroom and teacher-centered model.

The focus of the session will be on.

  • Schools managing change during covid
  • How do we keep our schools ready for a future challenge
  • Resetting educational priorities for the future.