Online learning is the greatest revolution in today’s world of education. Online learning has made a huge impact on the education system and has opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something. There are many advantages of online learning.  Learners can aspire to learn new information in any area of his/her interest from any part of the world. Online learning believes in self-paced learning – learning that moves at a pace set by the learner. Online learning will improve professional knowledge, skill and attitude.  Learners feel empowered when the learning happens at their pace, in their time.  This also makes them responsible to learn by providing a window to identify their areas of improvement and build upon their choice of sets.  They have an opportunity to choose from an array of courses available and hence they remain committed towards learning.

Academy for Creative Teaching is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, research and nurturing teachers to meet the standards of the 21st-century learners. We offer a wide spectrum of online topics on School Education, Philosophy, Learning Theories, Pedagogy, Curriculum, Counseling and Indian Culture.

The online programme caters to aspiring teachers, in-service teachers, principals, school management, students and parents.