Change Management
Child and Adolescent Psychology
Collaborative and Cooperative Learning
Communication Skills for Teachers
Communicative English
Conflict Resolution
Creative Teaching Techniques
Designing and Using Teaching Aids
Disciplining with Dignity
Effective Classroom Management
Effective Study Skills
Effective Evaluation Techniques
Ethics in Teaching
Handling Differential Learning Abilities
Handling Emotions
Handling Learning Disabilities
Engineering Positive Student Behaviour
Inculcating Values in the Classroom
Interpersonal Relationships
Lesson Planning
Meaningful Homework
Mentoring and Counseling
Middle Management Academic Leadership
Mind Mapping
Multiple Intelligences & Learning Styles
New Paradigms in Teacher Training
Presentation Skills for Teachers
Professional Development in Schools
Project Work in Schools
Reflective Teaching Practices
Circle Time
Stimulating Creativity
Strategies for Building Confident Kids
Stress Management
Teacher Attitudes & Effective Learning
Teaching and Learning Styles
Resource Kit Development
Team Building
Teenage Stress: Causes and Cures
The Emotionally Intelligent School
Thinking Skills
Time Management
Total Quality Management for Educational Institutions
Visioning and Developing a new School
VARK for Teachers