RVK, Dharwad was conceived with the vision of providing meaningful quality education based on our value system to enable an individual to lead a quality life useful to himself and also to society. The aim is that the student must be able to identify his potential and transform it fully so as to utilize it for the benefit of the motherland. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (Affiliation No, 830131). The school aims at maintaining high standard at all levels in respect of community living as well as in academic achievements.

The School stands on an extensive 30 acre picturesque campus near Garag, a village 12 kms from Dharwad City. A quiet, peaceful location is very conducive for educating young minds. The campus enjoys all the facilities of a city yet retains the serenity of a village. The rich cultural heritage, music and fine arts that Dharwad is known for is made available to the children. One of the oldest educational centers of the Nation, Dharwad with Kanataka University , University of Agricultural Science,Karnataka Law University , two medical colleges and two engineering colleges and a cluster of varied other educational institutions provides the highly charged atmosphere needed for creative imagination to blossom.Lush greenery and the serenity of the village bring in additional value to the school environment. A landscape with gardens, a swimming pool, a museum, art gallery etc. are planned to give an aesthetic dimension to everything the child interacts with . A temple of Lord Ganesha which is conceived in traditional architectural style and also Dhyana mandir have given sanctity to the entire campus.


Smt.Anita Rai


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