Schools need good teachers and good teachers need institutions which will recognise their worth, give them the freedom to grow, be creative and develop professionally. At ACT we strongly felt a need for an organized effort at creating opportunities for talented teachers and hence have recognized Srinidhi Teacher Placement Services (STPS). The need for good teachers, principals and administrators is tremendous but no such platform is available for interaction, hence the placement wing STPS. The faculty are in constant touch with the teacher training colleges and conduct campus interviews to shortlist candidates. They are later recruited by managements. STPS has a huge database and many institutions have availed of this service in the country and abroad. To the individuals, finding the school which will suit one best from financial, geographical and growth point of view is enormously challenging. To the schools, sourcing the right talents is equally challenging. Thus STPS has been working with ACT for the cause of both teachers and the schools – placing the teachers that it has trained and finding good teachers for the schools that it is associated with for academic handholding.

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