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M.A (Economics)., M.Sc (Psychology)., M.A (Education) B.Ed., PGDCT., (CIDTT).,
A master degree in Economics, Psychology and Education, Jayapriyaa specializes in creative teaching of English. She has persued her diploma course from Cambridge University. Her brief spells of working withreputed institutions in Bangalore, built her self-confidence, leadership skills and understand the different age group of children. She has developed Life-Skill Modules at school and college level, in the areas of Communication Skills, Creativity, Thinking Skills and Attitudes and Values.
She has conducted on-line training for US and UK based students in learning English for more than two years. She is an effective facilitator conducting several Life-Skills Training Programmes. Actively involved in developing content for CBSE, ICSE and Singapore based curriculum in Economics for Grade 11 & 12. Her interest lies in Guidance & Counselling, teaching English creatively and making the classroom experience interesting.
At ACT, she is actively involved in conducting workshops at different groups of principals, teachers & students and creating modules for English Language Improvement Programme (ELIP) at various levels.

COURSES BY Mrs. Lakshmi Jayapriyaa J.P