Certification Course

* Finishing School for Teachers (FST)

ACT has taken the initiative to address a longstanding need of empowering teachers in rural Karnataka. It has successfully designed and implemented a Finishing School for Teachers a 3-month unique programme targeted to enhance creativity, communication and pedagogical skills among teachers such that they are classroom ready. The three-month programme complements the B.Ed programme and enriches the skill, knowledge and attitude of the teacher trainees. The teaching methodology focuses on an interactive and learner-centric approach. The learning is facilitated through team teaching, group discussions, research-based presentations and other innovative techniques. Assessment and evaluation is a continuous process through reflective essays, case study analyses, peer interactions, seminars and report presentations. read more…

*Certificate Course in Creative Teaching (CCCT)

It is an in–service program for working professionals. It is an in-depth 20-week program organized over the weekends. It is aimed at lifelong learners with a zest for learning and self-development. The programme provides an opportunity for the teachers, aspiring teachers to update their knowledge and skills and be proactive in managing change in the education sector. The programme is also recognized as a platform for nurturing teachers’ leaders. It has an extensive component of action research which the practising teachers. read more..


* Post Graduate Diploma in Creative Teaching (PGDCT)

PGDCT has been specifically designed to shape excellent teachers who will transform classrooms into vibrant learning centres. PGDCT aims to transform the person both inside and outside into a complete teacher, who would be a matter of pride for any institution. This programme is designed differently from a traditional B.Ed. course. The focus is on experiential learning and in-depth practical experience that provides students with ample exposure to real school and classroom environment. PGDCT is a comprehensive course value added course offered to B.Ed colleges spread over a year.


* Reach Out Success

The “Reach Out Success” is a very successful training programme offered to schools and colleges. It is a comprehensive and has been customized to suit the needs of students from grade 3 to grade10. It is also offered to pre-university college students and degree college students, diploma and polytechnic students, engineering college students, business school graduates. The module develops soft skills, quantitative aptitude and life skills needed for leading a happy and emotionally intelligent life. We also offer career counselling and aptitude testing.

*Certified Phonics Training Programme:

Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore will be organizing a TWO-day Professional Development Programme on the “Certified Phonics Training Programme” for the institutions.  The Pre Primary Teachers, Edupreneurs & Parents can participate in the programme. The focus on improving content competency and designing various approaches to make the learning of concepts fun-filled and experiential.

* Institutional Leadership Programme – “The Platform – A forum of Principals”

ACT announces the 10th Annual leadership programme, “The Platform – A forum of Principals” from  1th to 3rd Decembe 2022 at Bengaluru. The Platform is 03 days programme planned for the Principals and Vice-Principals on the theme “ENVISIONING INSTITUTIONAL LEADERSHIP FOR SCHOOLS”. The platform is a forum of school leaders and a celebration for all leaders, who have made a choice to be leaders with a difference. The platform provides an opportunity for leaders to share their best practices, reflect and vision for the future of the institution. Read more….

* Leadership in Training

Academy for Creative Teaching launches “Leadership in Training” a unique train-the-trainer certification programme for Teacher Educators, Subject Experts, School Leaders and Corporate Trainers. The Leadership in Training Programme aims to master the art of skilful training and engaging facilitation. The programme is designed to create training professionals equipped with the right professional knowledge, skills and attitude & value disposition.